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Finding the right translator for a specific job. We only work with native speakers of each language that we know and trust and they are chosen from our team specifically for each project, based on language, experience and knowledge of the subject. Using Translation softwares also helps us guarantee consistency and cost savings.


Editing the translation to ensure that the source text is perfectly mirrored. We check writing style, terminology and content, what’s used in the respective industry or what is suitable for the target group, making sure is coherent as a whole.


Proofreading the final text to deliver not only a high quality translation, but an elegant one. This involves examining the formal features of a text not just general typing mistakes but also checking the accuracy of the content. These checks improve readability as a whole and ensure that the target text is effective and easier to understand for the audience.

About us

Translation is more than just finding the right words in another language, it is about converting ideas and concepts into another linguistic and cultural reality.

We are a group of professional freelance translators that have joined forces to facilitate the process of getting your content translated.

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We understand our industry very well and are passionate about translation. We have developed a high level of expertise and have built a team of experienced translators who share our passion and love for languages. We know the business from both the agency’s and the translator’s point of view, and our strategy makes the process more efficient to the client and the professional freelancers.

Converta’s objective is to deliver quality, and the only way to achieve excellence is by counting on the best providers. We’re proud to have a team of hand picked translators who share our vision. After a rigorous selection process, we pay our translators well and treat our team with the same respect as our clients. By doing so, we have created an environment where each translator can thrive and deliver on our shared objective; quality and excellence.

Converta understands the amount of time and effort that you have put into your work and we commit to delivering a linguistically and culturally accurate translation.

Translation is a powerful tool and we enjoy the responsibility of working closely with each client to help them achieve their goals.

Why us?

  • International presence in many countries.
  • High level of experience of our translators.
  • Our team’s ability to react, thanks to the extension and interconnection of our network of translators.
  • The rapid identification of needs to provide solutions in a very short time without sacrificing quality.
  • Based on customer’s needs and budget: monitoring, translation, revision, validation, traceability.
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  • Extensive services: all types of translation in multiple worldwide languages, for all the main sectors of activity.
  • Converta helps you optimise your multilingual communication in the process of expansion, relying on our network of professional translators to offer you outstanding services, whatever your activity.
  • Whether it is a common language or not, we’ll match your project with the perfect translator: Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Korean, Arabic, German, Turkish, Spanish, Danish, Italian. Converta translates into more than one hundred languages, of origin or destination.

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Website and marketing content


Business and legal documents (sworn translations)

Technical manuals

Medical and Life Sciences

Video and media

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